A Quick Summary


The picture above was taken this past Christmas 2015 at a celebration outing in New York City. At the time, four months had passed since being diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, and at this moment, my test results said everything had “resolved” and I was in good shape!

As is often the case with advanced cancer, though, this was not the end of the story. In February 2016 follow-up  test results came back saying my tumor markers had spiked again, my immune system was below normal, ultrasound studies revealed accumulation of blood clots from past treatments, and CT scans showed that I was still in an active battle as tumor activity was present and advancing.

So much is going on these days, that I decided the easiest way to keep friends and family up to date was to post updates here on this website.

Feel free to browse through the “Updates” entries found on the side bar or use the “Contacts” page to reach us. Down below you’ll also find some quick links for my “Ideas that Change Life” blog, general info about pancreatic cancer, and if you’d like to assist with out-of-pocket costs, there’s a donation link too. (As of the end of March, out of pocket treatment costs for 2016 have already reached more than $6000. That’s with an excellent insurance plan too!) I’ve also posted a link called “Something Awesome” which connects to a great story from another pancreatic cancer patient.

Mostly, my family appreciates your kind thoughts and prayers, and wants to use this web site to simply let you know what we’re going through together and how to pray for us each week.

Certainly, if you have any questions, call, write, or email any time. Those who want to visit, just let us know your plans and we’d love to work out a way to see you.

We’re taking this journey one day at a time, and trusting God all along the path. Thanks so much for caring during this challenging time.

– Sandy Kravette

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