Celebration Planned


We have a plan now for a memorial gathering.  It will be at Illick’s Mill in Monocracy Park on Sunday, October 9, from 6 to 10 pm.

The photos in the collage above are from a walk we took last October in this very park, and the top center photo is Illick’s Mill.  We would love for anyone who is able to, to join us on that evening. There is a parking lot across the street, and here are some links for the location and additional information about the venue (there is no actual website):



You can also contact me via the comment section with any other questions (which don’t have to be published here).  Our family is looking forward to spending time with as many of you as possible – you have meant a great deal to us, both on this specific journey as well as throughout the preceding years.

P.S.  For our friends in New England, we are hoping to have an additional gathering in New Hampshire as soon as possible.  We know that traveling here, especially so soon, would be pretty difficult for most everyone.  And it seems only appropriate to be able to celebrate together in the beautiful area where we were so privileged to raise our children and serve in ministry.  We will keep you posted on the progress of that event.

God bless


  • Joan Schaffer


    What a great choice of venue. I think Sandy would be happy. See you there.

    • Joanna Moore


      Beautiful Christy…. 🙂

  • Dominique


    I will be there and in NH in spirit. May God’s grace sustain you. ❤️❤️ U all.

    • Marilyn D'Aquanni


      Dear Christyand Family,
      My Heartfelt Sympathy to you all…
      Sandy will be sorely Missed by you and by us, the friends….
      Often Memories serve us Well and there are some really special times I do remember being with Sandy, you, Christy and and the then young children.
      Best Wishes Celebrating Sandy! You were a “Heroic Couple” together til this Sandy’s New Beginning…
      I am glad you will be coming to NH and doing a Remembrance ….my hope is to be there with you. Advise?
      Yes, Sandy is at Home and at Peace….no more Suffering …..Only JOY being with Our Lord.
      Much Love and Prayers for Comfort and Healing,
      Marilyn D.

  • nancy barber


    Dear Christy,
    Looks like a beautiful place for fellowship…we are praying for you and your family, and though we are greatly saddened at hearing of Sandy’s passing, we rejoice with the angels in heaven that God has called His faithful saint home! Hopefully, we will be able to come to the gathering in NH; we would love to see you again. Much love to you all, Todd and nancy


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