Worship from Christian Fellowship of New England

Talk about reminiscing on ages past….

For those of you who have been following this blog from the former Christian Fellowship of New England in Center Conway NH, a few folks were asking about our old worship songs… and I mean old! I found a set of tapes recorded back in 1993, shortly after the church had just started. These were recorded with your’s truly on piano and vocals, and Karen T. on women’s vocals, a dear friend from those early years in ministry and excellent singer.

I found about six of these cassettes (remember what those were?). I’ll sift through some and see what’s in there, but I wanted to at least post something for old remembrances. Let me know what you think.

Over the next week I’ll edit this page up, so bookmark it if you’re interested and check back later on!

Original files will be posted via DropBox here. DropBox should have an “Open in App…” Option where you can import to Apple’s music player or any other installed audio player on your phone. Or from a computer, you can download the file from there to your hard drive.

Download Worship Files Here via Dropbox.com