Adjusting the Adjustments

A lot can happen in two weeks.  Which means a lot of adjusting to go with it. For instance, Sandy isn’t typing this – he’s a bit too groggy to make an efficient typist.  So we’re collaborating to bring everyone up to speed on the latest.

First things first, which in conversation is often the weather.  It has been HOT and STICKY, and right now it’s raining which brings the promise of some cooler air and the chance to enjoy outside again. Yay!

The photos in this post are from this week’s visit with Anna and the grandchildren.  It was so wonderful to have Tristan and Madelyn light up the house with their cheerful little selves.  It was a landmark for Sandy as he had been looking forward to having them here. The chance to sit with them and just “be” as a family was so meaningful.  Our next family visit will be with Sarah in September, so another goal to look forward to.  (And then Josh and Nicole’s return from the trail at the end of September… and then Thanksgiving… and then Christmas… I have a truckload of goals for him – GRIN.)

Breakfast with the munchkins
Breakfast with the munchkins


Movie time with Grandpa
Movie time with Grandpa

More immediate goals are for pain management, and patience while dealing with the initial fogginess and disorientation as medicines get re-tuned.  It’s been a new kind of struggle since being off conventional treatment.  Facing new normals. Management as a moving target. Adjusting to changes in the adjustments.

For those of you who have been asking how you can pray for us:

  • Wisdom for the doctors and nurses and choosing a good treatment plan
  • The adjustment for Sandy to take the medications he needs (for someone who all his life hasn’t needed such things)
  • To be “anxious for nothing” (the larger the obstacle, the harder that one gets!)

We are so very thankful for every one of you and your prayers and good wishes at this time.  It’s been a difficult period for Sandy lately, and the support we feel from friends and family is an incredible boost to his spirit (and mine!)

With love,


  • mandy


    My love and prayers as always are out to you both. I am so happy that you had Anna home with Tristan and Madelyn. What a treat for me to see them however brief it was and hug them. I am sure they are the light of your lives, they are two amazing little people, Anna is one fantastic mother, that fact shines thru in her children. Of course she had the best to learn from. I am praying for continued strength for you Christy, and comfort and lots and lots of happy moments ahead for us all together. Love you guys always. XXXOOO

  • Marilyn D'Aquanni


    Thank you Christy for your update and descriptive pics …..There is a Peace and the Presence of the Holy Spirit dominating in those photos. Blessings are abundant with visiting children and grand children all keeping the gift of Joy there midst the difficulties and trials of the every day. God Bless Sandy, you, Family and Med. Staff keeping Hope and Joy in your outlook.

    I am off on a vacation in northern Germany with a longtime friend living there the end of this month into early Sept. . I will be in touch on return.
    Truely with Prayers for Comfort and Peace,
    Marilyn D.


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